Step 2. Photos
The portraits I paint are usually done from the photos you send me. Send me as many as you can as it is helpful when choosing the best photo for the portrait. If the portrait is to be of more than one pet, I can compose the painting from single photos of each. If you have a favorite photo/pose tell me and I will let you know if it is suitable to work from.  If you email them to me, try to send them high resolution. You can also mail them as prints or on a CD. I will return these to you along with the finished portrait. 

Look at your photos carefully and notice which have the most accurate eye and coat color -  many times, they are not always the same photograph. Don't worry if the photo of the pose you like the most is a bad color - or black and white - just be sure to have a few that show the pets true colors.
Subjects, features, or backgrounds can be combined from separate photographs, and elements such as collars and leashes can easily be omitted. Please note: if your photos were taken professionally, you will need to ask the photographer for copyright permission.

The best photos can be taken outdoors in natural light on a bright but slightly cloudy day. If this is not possible, indoors near a large window with the sun behind you. Try not to use flash! If the animal is dark color or black, a bright or overexposed photo might show more details.

You might want to get down on the same level as your pet when taking photographs or put them up on something (unless they are as big as you :). Try to center your pet, instead of taking the photos "straight on". Experiment, try a three quarter view with its head angled toward the camera. Get enough distance between you and your pet so you are not cutting off their ears, tail or paws. In addition to your "master shot", try to take close ups of your animal's face. The more detailed shots I have, the better able I am to render your pet. 
Look at examples on GETTING STARTED and DOGS - CATS  to get some ideas of different views!

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your painting. There are no consultation fees :), so don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have: after first contact by email, I can give you a phone # if you want to talk and mailing address. You can send photos by email or regular post.